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Product Appearance

Product Parameters

Product name XmaX Head-up Display (HUD)
Main machine volume 116mm*56mm*40mm
Main machine weight 202g
OS Android6.0
CPU Quadruple Core Gauge Level Controller
Screen TFT LCD
Screen Resolution 648*480
Memory 1GB RAM 8GB e-MMC Flash Extended TF Card
WIFI and network 4G, support WIFI hotspot
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, BLE, A2DP, HFP
Camera 1080P/30fps
OBD protocol OBD-II standard protocol
Sensors G-Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor , Temperature Sensor
Working temperature -40℃~85℃
Working voltage 9~24V
Virtual image size 20 inches
Virtual image distance >2meters

Packing List

Main Devicex1

Image glass and basex1

OBD cablex1

Chuck bracketx1

GPS antennax1



Installation Steps

1. Main engine fittings

Insert the sucker and bracket into the t-shaped groove of the HUD host, and insert the SIM card notch upward and downward into the SIM card slot. Similarly for TF card, insert IF card slot according to the schematic diagram, as shown in figure 1

2. Determine sucker position

Place the glass on the instrument table directly in front of the steering wheel (do not paste it), and then place the main engine on the appropriate position in front of the sunshade near the roof, without affecting the sunshade flipping. Observe the position of the main engine through the glass to determine the fixed position of the suction cup on the front windshield.

3. Fixed sucker and host

Clean the front windshield. C tear off the film on the suction cup and paste it tightly onto the fixed position of the front windshield. Then press the retaining buckle, adjust the Angle and tighten the screw ring, as shown in FIG. 2.

4. Connect the GPS antenna to the OBD power cord

Insert the OBD cable head into the OBD interface of the host computer, and plug the other end into the OBD interface of the car (OBD position is shown in figure 5). Hide the flat cable in the seam or close the edge, insert the GPS antenna into the GPS antenna interface of the host computer, and paste the other end onto the front windshield, as shown in figure 3.

5. Fixed glass

Remove the 3M adhesive from the imaging glass, fix the spherical base on the instrument panel, and adjust the Angle, and the installation is completed, as shown in figure 4.

Common OBD locations: see figure 5

Region A: general motors, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, hyundai, Citroen and other most car series

Area B: Volkswagen touran, lexus and other imported models

Area C: dongfeng Citroen, dongfeng logo and a few other models

Area D: eastern Citroen and a few other models

The models produced after 2008 basically support the OBD2 protocol, and the cool driving navigation matches most brands and models in the market.


The distance to install the host is different according to different models. Please adjust the distance reasonably according to your own model.

OBD interface can read data and deenergize, no need to draw electricity from the cigarette jack;

Very few models have compact OBD position. In case HUD standard wiring cannot be inserted, another direct OBD extension cord shall be purchased.

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