Heads-up display, safe and comfortable

Image is protocted in front of the car beyond 2 meters, all infomation is heads-up displayed which bring safety and comfort for driver.

No Glare, No Shadows

We pursure a precise and clear vision, abondon dazzling and ghosting.

Automatically adjust Brightness

Auto adjust brightness by ambient light,be clear in sunny day and sofy in night,ensure visible all the time.

Powered by OpenStreetMap and Google Map

XmaX make it easy to search for destinations,routes and navigate even your're offline, and free map data is updated monthly.

Intelligent voice assistant

You can talk to XmaX to do navigation,make a call, avoid typing ob the phone while driving.

High-definition night vision,clear and stable

It can be shot clearlyat night,and the pictures shot at high speed are consistent.No shadows and blur.



Normal Mode

High speed Mode

140° wide angle shooting,wider field of vision

140° gold wide angle, easy coverage of three lanes, no dead corners in driving records.

When there is a collision or severe vibration,the traveling recorder opens the emergency video,automatically latches the video,retains the accident evidence,and restores the truth.

Your phone and devices are interconnected to achieve data synchroization.

Download and install app,connect devices through Bluetooth,and experience more functions.

Some interface displays

All functions

Heads-up display

Google map

Fault diagnosis

Bluetooth phone

Intelligent voice


Coolant temperature



Low voltage warning

WiFi hotspot


Fuel consumption

Overspeed alarm


Start and stop with car


Vehicle phycal examination

Electronic dog warning

Real-time traffic

Planning path

Auto brightness adjustment

Real-time car condition

Intelligent APP

HUD Features


Navigation,receiving calls and texts without looking down to your phone


Offline map navigation,free update map data monthly


Information is protected to distance greater than 2m,screen brightness is adjusted automatically

Social Network

Share your location to others by SNS APP


View real-time vehicle status information(Speed,rotation,fuel consumption,etc)


Voice commond to do naviagtion,receiving calls and texts

WeChat public accounts

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